Piñon was established in December of 2020 to provide a comprehensive sour natural gas gathering and treating solution in the Delaware Basin.

Prior to the construction of Piñon’s Dark Horse Treating Facility, upstream oil and natural gas development in the region was constrained by the high concentrations of CO2 and H2S present in the region’s produced natural gas, forcing oil and natural gas producers to divert rigs, flare sour gas, or shut wells in. Piñon’s comprehensive treating solution has provided the region with a long-term, economic, and environmentally responsible solution to its pervasive sour natural gas challenges.

Our Partners

Piñon Midstream is backed by an equity capital commitment from Black Bay Energy Capital.

Environmental Benefits

The Dark Horse Treating Facility allows for the capture and permanent sequestration of CO2 and H2S in subsurface rock formations over three miles beneath the Earth’s surface, effectively preventing these environmentally harmful gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. To date, Piñon has sequestered over 100,000 metric tons of CO2 and H2S into these subsurface formations, protecting the environment and allowing its customers to make measurable progress in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.